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Currently, the best way to reach SEPAC is via email:


Katie Leonard: Co-Chair
Kristyn MacInnis: Co-Chair 
Maryellen Michelson: Secretary
Nicole Cunningham-Frisbey: Treasurer
Julia Peck: Communications
Amanda Lind: Events
Linda Lee: SEL and Inclusion, Member at Large
Rebecca Thackaberry: DEI, School Climate, and Advocate in Residence

School Liaisons

Each Groton-Dunstable school has one or more SEPAC Liaison(s) who serve as school-based parent contact(s), send communications and announcements to school communities, and organize events and gatherings that support families with students who have IEPs, 504s, or children with disabilities.

  • Boutwell: Nicole Cunningham-Frisbey

  • Florence Roche: Maryellen Michelson & Julia Peck

  • Swallow Union: Nicole Cunningham-Frisbey

  • Groton Dunstable Middle School: Linda Lee

  • Groton Dunstable High School: Amanda Lind

District and Community Liaisons

SEPAC is invested in the communities of Groton and Dunstable and has liaisons who  serve as community-based parent contacts that send communications and announcements to our communities and speak out for families and disabled children

  • School Committee: Kristyn MacInnis

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Advisory; School Climate Committee; RSJG Liaison: Rebecca Thackaberry

  • Behavioral Task Force: Julia Peck

  • Social Emotional (SEL) and Inclusion: Linda Lee

District Information

Please see the Groton Dunstable Regional School District web site for specific information related to Student Services and Special Education in the towns of Dunstable and Groton, Massachusetts.​

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