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Hide and Seek

Learning About Disabilty

Disability is as varied and unique as the disabled person. As the saying goes, "If you've met one autistic person, you've met ONE autistic person." Part of the mission of GDSEPAC is to educate the community about disability. On this page, we present a number of resources to learn more about living with specific disabilities.


We are not fans of disability simulators as they rely on generalizations and stereotypes of disability. They tend to evoke pity due to the amplification of the negative traits of disability without acknowledging the adaptations one makes to navigate life in a neurotypical or able-bodied world. Instead of providing you with simulations of the disabled experience, we've collected resources created by members of the disabled community. Their words and experiences are more powerful than any 30-second clip could hope to be. 

We ask you to start your education about disability with this video: Normalizing Disability Begins in School.

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